Site Map & Camping Rules

White River Campground & Cabins Site Map

You may click on the map to download and print a PDF version of the file.

  1. Speed limit is 5 MPH throughout the entire park.
  2. There is 24 hour surveillance on the property to ensure the safety of our guests as well as the security of our facilities. Entrance to the park authorizes the recording of every guest and the use of information if prosecution is necessary.
  3. Please be respectful of our dog; this is her home. We ask that you do not bring your animal into the office at any time. She thanks you in advance for your kindness.
  4. Leave No Trace: “Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.” Please do not leave anything that wasn’t there when you arrived, including firewood.
  5. Occupancy: Each site may have 5 guests and 3 pets.
  6. Visitors: All visitors must register at the office. Overnight visitors will cost $5 per night per visitor. If a visitor is in the park all night and did not register, the registered guest will be charged $20 per night per visitor.
  7. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM.
  8. Pond: The pond is for our registered guests only. No pets in the water or on the sand.
  9. Check in begins after 3:00 PM. Please call the office if you plan to arrive after dark.
  10. UPDATED FOR 2024: Check out is before 11:00 AM. Please speak with management if you need to check out after that. Late departures are subject to a $30 late check-out fee.
  11. Sites are Non-transferable.
  12. Baby Wipes: Please do not flush them down the toilet. If the package says they are flushable or septic/sewer safe, they aren’t. These items have caused considerable problems with our septic system. Please put them in the trash can. Also please don’t flush anything down the toilet that is not safe for a septic system, which includes, but not limited to, feminine products, paper/plastic bags, diapers, washcloths etc.
  13. Cigarette Butts: This is becoming an increasing problem at the campground. Please snuff them out and throw them in the trash/dumpster. Please do not leave them on the ground or in the firepit.
  14. Parking & Driving on the Grass: Please do not park or drive on the grass on an RV site or at a cabin.
  15. Empty Sites: Do not park on an empty site.
  16. Sorry, but we do not allow tents.
  17. Mats may be used on the gravel only and not extend into the grass.
  18. Restrooms: There is a men’s and women’s shower house on the lower level in the A- section. There is a bathroom, no shower, on the upper level behind the office.
  19. No ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, scooters or golf carts.
  20. Parties: Please see management if you would like to host a gathering with more guests than the site permits, which is 5.
  21. Firearms/Weapons Which include, but are not limited to, BB guns, pellet guns, sling shots, bow and arrows, crossbows, shotguns, rifles, handguns, may not be visible to our guests.
  22. Smoking is not permitted in cabins, or within 25’ of a cabin, rec center, shower house, bathrooms, laundry room or the office. If there is smoking in a cabin, the registered guest will be fined $150 for cleaning, and you will be ejected from the park with no refund.
  23. Laundry Room is located by the office and is available for our guests. There are coin operated washers, cold wash only, and dryers. Please clean up after yourself. There is a broom and dustpan for your convenience.
  24. Fireworks are not permitted in the park.
  25. Fire Pits are not to be moved or used as a trash can.
  26. Rec Center is available to our registered guests. Children under 13 must have a parent/guardian present at all times. No food or drinks.
  27. Fishing License/Trout Stamps are required to fish from the dock, from shore, or from a boat. They can be obtained online or at Walmart.
  28. Boat Dock is available free of charge to our registered guests, and it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  29. Cold Weather: Some months can have very cold nights. When the temperature is below freezing, 32°, someone from management will come to each site to turn off the water at the hydrant and disconnect the water hose from the hydrant. Please do not reconnect the hose until the temperature is above freezing. We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but please understand that to replace a hydrant costs $250, which will be billed to the registered guest.
    • Pets must always be on a physical leash. They are not permitted to roam free. The leash law is strictly enforced. If a dog is off leash, you will be told to leave the park with no refund.
    • They must not be tied out or left in a fenced area unattended.
    • Any pet, regardless of size, that displays aggressive behavior, attacks another animal/guest or child must be removed from the park immediately.
    • No pets in the office, restrooms, shower house, or rec center.
    • No pets in the cabins. If a pet is found to be in a cabin for any reason, the registered guest will be ejected from the park with no refund. You will also be fined $100 per pet per day that the pet was in the cabin, and you will be fined $150 for cleaning.
    • No pets on the beach or in the pond.
    • Please quiet your dog if it is barking. Continuous barking is disruptive to other guests.
    • Please clean up after your pet both when walking them and at your site. There are several pet waste stations throughout the park for your convenience.
  31. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or eject anyone for any reason. There is no refund if you are ejected. If you are ejected, you have 30 minutes to be off the premises.
  32. There are no refunds after check-in, including partial refunds.
  33. Cancellation Policy: If reservation is cancelled 14 or more days before the original date of check-in, there is a refund minus $20. If cancelled less than 14 days, there will be no refund.
  34. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign our WAIVER OF LIABILITY, RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT. By signing, you authorize White River Campground & Cabins to charge your credit/ debit card for reservation fees, charges made in the store, any service fee when a reservation is cancelled, late check-out fees, early check-in fees and it authorizes the campground to charge for any damages incurred by the guest, their children, their pets, or any visitors they have. It also authorizes management to charge any pet fees the registered guest may incur.